White Glove Delivery ServiceWhite glove delivery and pick-up services provide our business partners with the highest level of support and service. Many Cleveland businesses rely on our white-glove moving and delivery service to take care of their customers and save on their internal resources. Our white-glove service includes packing and loading items, ensuring that your delivery is on-time and damage-free. Our white-glove moving service will also provide all packing materials, and blankets making it easier for your customers and staff members. 

Our White Glove Treatment

When you utilize our white-glove delivery service you’ll receive VIP treatment 100% of the time. Our customer service team will ensure that your specific needs and requirements are met. We will schedule each delivery or pick-up with the ideal amount of movers, and equipment needed to make your delivery an absolute success. Our white glove delivery service will ensure that your items are always transported with industry-standard practices to ensure no damage occurs. 

If you’re a business that requires in-home or in-business pick-ups and deliveries, contact us today to learn about how you can save time, money and resources by utilizing our white-glove service.