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Movers Near Me in Northeast Ohio

Whether your Googling’ on your phone or computer, or you talking straight to Alexa or Siri – Finding movers near me is easier than ever before! If you are looking for a mover this season, get started with these great tips.

Finding Movers

Packing ServicesTip 1: search and put the web to work! Check Google reviews, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, Facebook and BBB. Any reputable mover will be listed! It’s also a good idea to talk to friends and family for their recommendations. Chances are we’ve moved your neighbors!

Tip 2: Movers Near Me MUST BE properly licensed and insured! Once you’ve narrowed your list from your initial searches and asking around, double check credentials.  Movers should be licensed to perform moves locally and across state lines. Moving companies are also required to carry specific levels of insurance and file their tariff rates.

Tip 3: Compare prices! Once you have finalized a list of movers near you, start comparing pricing. Cheapest is not always best! Consider all fees and be careful to choose a company with transparent pricing!

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Of course, we meet all of the criteria above! Rave reviews, great pricing and licensed and insured. Ding, ding, ding! Stop your search for ‘movers near me’ and let’s get your move scheduled!

Bright Eyed Moving offers local and long distance moving services. From full service moves to moving labor, packing help, moving supplies and storage. We can do it all!

The 2018 season is starting earlier than ever before, so start early and choose the best for your move!

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Long Distance Moving Tips

Choosing a Long Distance Moving Company

Long distance moving tips can go a long way, especially if you have never moved far in the past! Check out our top tips, direct from the pros themselves. Get a free moving quote for your next move here!

Tips for Long Distance Moving

Select a Reputable Company

This is particularly important for a long distance move. Choosing trusted movers that will be with your stuff out on the road is essential! From proper packing and loading to safely driving and protecting your belongings from point A to point B – to great communication and proper licensing and insurance. Don’t get fooled by a fly by night or by improperly licensed companies.

Plan Ahead

Moving long distance takes quite a bit more work to facilitate than a local move. From the actual distance and travel logistics to planning home, work and other essentials from afar – Planning goes a long way in a long distance relocation. Give yourself plenty of time and ask your moving company for tips!

Get to Know Your New Town

Put technology to work and scope out your new town from afar! From neighborhood safety and attractions to employment and housing opportunities.. Social tools and the internet can go a long way!

Plan for Surprises

Moving long distance is known for the unexpected popping up. From delays in closing or real estate transactions to weather issues or job related items – Plan for the unexpected. Allow ample time, get a company lined up with flexible scheduling and consider other additional services like packing, storage and junk removal to help facilitate a smooth transition.

Organize and Purge

The less you move, the less to deal with! If you have things you can purge and donate, we recommend handling that before you move. Get organized and pack accordingly to ensure things are safe in transit and easy to unpack at your destination

If you’re planning a big move in 2018, give us a call! Get a free moving quote and enjoy expert service and support. Call today!


Top Ways to Find Movers

Finding Local Movers – The Top 6 Ways People Find a Moving Company

Find movers the easy way! We’ve put together a list of 6 of the most common ways that people search and select a moving company for their big move. From local moving services to long distance – There are easy ways to find movers and compare services and costs.

Find Movers on Google

OK Google, Find movers near me. Voila! Whether you talk or type, searching for movers on Google has never been easier. See websites, reviews and more all from your phone or computer.  Moving companies can have paid ads (usually at the top of the page) or show their moving company in the local listings or the regular listings down the page.

Angie’s List Moving Companies

Using Angie’s List is another great way to find movers. For the first time in history, Angie’s List is now free for all to use. Search and compare moving companies, see special offers and see reviews on service.


Yelp isn’t just for restaurants! Now home service providers like moving companies can have profiles and even advertise on Yelp. Search Yelp for deals and reviews.

Home Advisor

The latest commercials are pretty funny, and pretty true. We have become spoiled by websites that give all of the information at our fingertips! Home Advisor provides a profile for each moving company, complete with reviews, pricing information and more.


Facebook is another great option. Many moving companies are on Facebook to showcase great reviews and show potential customers that we do good business.

Friends & Family

Referrals from friends and family are one of the most popular ways to find movers. Nothing says it better than a great experience from someone you actually know!


Finding Movers can be easy, if you know where to start! If you’re looking for movers in Cleveland or Northeast Ohio, check out our profiles below:

Home Advisor – Visit us on Home Advisor

Google – See our reviews

Yelp – See our Yelp profile

Angie’s List – Check us out

Facebook – Visit us on Facebook

2017 Super Service Award

Bright Eyed Moving Awarded Angie’s List 2017 Super Service Award

Super Service AwardWe are proud and excited to announce that Bright Eyed Moving was selected as a 2017 Super Service Award Winner! The Angie’s List award is a great way for our customers to easily see and understand our commitment to quality and great business practices. Congratulations to all of our hardworking team, and thank you to our great customers!

About the Super Service Award

Angie’s List selects companies in each industry, that have consistently shown a proven commitment to quality. The Super Service Award criteria includes great reviews from our Angie’s List customers, ethical business practices and following Angie’s List operational guidelines, as well as proper licensing, insurance and background check. Each year, businesses are chosen based on the prior years’ performance – and we knocked it out of the park!

Angie’s List and Bright Eyed Moving

Angie’s List is a great resource for consumers. Service providers for anything in and around your home provide up front information, you can see customer reviews, get great discounts and offers, and easily research and compare service providers. This year we saw a big change with Angie’s List – They dropped their membership fee!  Now anyone can join Angie’s List for $0. Nada, nothing, free! This is incredible, as the required membership always came with a monthly fee! It is allowing us to reach and service more customers than ever before.

Planning a Move?

Call Bright Eyed Moving! We are a full service, local and long distance moving company. We can handle your entire move, including packing and storage – Or simply hire us for moving labor help to load and unload you moving truck. We do it all!

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Elite Moving Labor Mover of the Month

Bright Eyed Moving Selected as Elite Moving Labor, Mover of the Month

We are excited and proud to announce that Bright Eyed Moving was selected by Elite Moving Labor as their Mover of the Month for the month of December. facilitates over 20,000 moves each year with nationwide coverage of thousands of moving companies. To be selected as the Mover of the Month is an honor, and we are proud of our team!

Elite Moving Labor is a website dedicated to providing online shoppers with moving labor help. As a registered vendor, Bright Eyed Moving will complete local and long distance labor services in Ohio.

Moving Labor Services Included on

  • Packing
  • Truck Loading
  • Furniture Disassembly
  • Truck Unloading
  • Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Moving Supplies & More!

Our status on Elite Moving Labor is a true testament to our commitment to quality service and support. Stringent requirements, flexible scheduling and great rates all factor into the equation!

Moving Labor Services

Customers often request labor only services. This typically means that you have rented your own truck or are furnishing your own mode of transportation, and simply need help packing, loading and unloading your belongings. This can be a great, cost effective way to complete your move! by Elite Moving Labor offers online visitors a way to select pre-screened moving companies using a very easy online process.

If you are planning a move and need moving labor help or full-service moving support, get a free moving quote today!

How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Protect Your Furniture When Moving: How To Tips

Furniture Protection

Protecting you furniture when moving takes time, but it’s worth it. You have busted your butt to buy the items in your home, so why not take the time to protect them during the move? After the move when you’ve arrived at your new home you’ll have a multitude of things to worry about. Avoid having to repair items by properly protecting them the first time. These tips will work whether you are moving into a new home or relocating these items to storage.

Gather Your Supplies

At first blush, you may think all you need to pack and protect your furniture when moving are some cardboard boxes, tape and moving blankets. While these items will work, investing in a few more supplies will ensure your move or relocation to a storage facility is flawless. Head to our local store at 29025 Euclid Ave. Wickliffe,OH 44092 or call us for delivery at 440-361-9994 and purchase the following:

● Packing tape

● Bubble Wrap

● Sofa and mattress covers

● Plastic stretch wrap

● Sealable plastic bags

● Picture Packs

First Thing’s First

To ensure your furniture arrives at your new home scratch free, make sure to thoroughly clean all pieces. Cleaning the furniture before you move also means it won’t be so difficult once you get to the new place! Document any existing scuffs or imperfections.

Dismantle Furniture

Whenever possible, dismantle your furniture. Remove the legs from tables and couches and remove cushions. Also take bed frames completely apart. In short, if a piece of furniture can be safely dismantled, do it. This will make the furniture easier to move and will help prevent damage caused by brushing up against walls or door frames. It will also make it easier to pack your moving truck. Keep the following tips in mind:

● If available use an owner’s manual to correctly dismantle furniture.

● Use sealable plastic bags to hold the screws and other hardware for each piece of furniture. Tape the bag securely to the item to prevent losing any hardware. If the item is very complex record yourself with a video camera to remember the sequence when you go to put it back together.

● If an item of furniture has a lot of pieces, use masking tape and a marker to note where each piece goes. This will ensure your furniture is protected.

Consider dismantling furniture the day before to save time on moving day. If you use professional movers this will save you lots of time and money on move day.

Wrap Everything!

Furniture pads and plastic sheeting are two of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to safely moving your furniture. Use furniture pads to protect delicate wood pieces. Plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers should be used to protect your upholstered items. Old blankets or packing blankets will work in a pinch. It is also a good idea to use corrugated cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces. This adds extra protection and helps prevent gouges or scratches while furniture is being transported on the truck.

Bubble Wrap is also ideal for protecting glass table tops and mirrors. Consider taping a giant “X” on the item first, so if it does break it will be less likely to shatter. Wrap the glass or mirror completely, paying special attention to the corners. Finish by placing the item between two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

The Bright Eyed Moving Way

At Bright Eyed Moving, we know just how stressful relocating can be. We strive to do everything within our power to ensure that your move is completed seamlessly. We can move you locally or long distance and even transfer your business. Give us a call! We are the experts you can trust. Our employees are held to a much higher standard than other companies in the industry. When our professionals arrive at your doorstep, they are ready to help you relocate and complete every task required for your move. The characteristics we look for in perspective employees are integrity and a willingness to go above and beyond. You can rest assured your movers will be bright eyed, upstanding individuals who really enjoy what they do.

Start your journey with Bright Eyed Moving! Get a free moving quote now. 

3 Things About Being a Household Goods Driver

3 Awesome Things About Being a Household Goods Delivery Driver

1) Client Interaction – Many lines of work focus on the individual’s ability to separate himself and overcome opposition selfishly for personal gain. This tends to leave individuals in the habit of catering only to their personal needs and forgetting some of the most fulfilling parts of being human: interacting with one another, getting the satisfaction of helping others, and sharing our experiences. This lacking is not the case for a Household Goods Driver. After the end of each shift, the driver feels accomplished in more than just a selfish way. The driver can feel assured that his work was good-natured and that he shared a valuable interpersonal relationship with a client. Plus, we are all made up of our accumulated experiences and environments that life has brought before us. Working with new clients all the time enriches one’s perspective and keeps one in touch with the depth and wonder of life beyond themselves.

Image result

2) The View – One of the most common complaints and fears in life is the feeling of being stuck. We dread the idea of monotony and a life spent in auto-pilot, growing tired of seeing the same old sights every day. When a delivery driver is out there on the road, this fear is not anywhere in sight. Different vistas are the norm and the driver gets the rejuvenating and life-affirming privilege of experiencing the vastness of the world. Every area of the globe is full of nuance and enrichment only to be found in that particular place, and a Household Goods Driver gets to experience this as a lifestyle. The life of a Household Goods Driver actively denies the mundane by experiencing all walks of life, from crowded cities full of vibrant life and bright lights to sprawling rural areas full of lush greens and golden hay down to the small town comforts full of local shops and restaurants.


3) Pay – The compensation of a Household Goods Driver is more than your traditional freight driver because it requires a different set of skills. Household Goods Drivers have to problem solve and are paid proportionally to the problems they solve. Freight drivers are asked only to transport, drop off, and leave. A Household Goods Driver is required to use more critical thinking skills. They have to plan out how to use space correctly and how to safely unload and transport valued goods with sentimental value to clients. Once the driver arrives at the client’s house, it is also expected that he be likable and personable. Making the customer feel at ease during the stressful process of moving and making them comfortable while inside the customers home. For these reasons the Household Goods Driver is compensated accordingly.

5 Ways to Save Money on your Move

5 Ways to Save on Your Local Moving Service

How to save money on your move:

  1.  Be Prepared

    • Being prepared on moving day, is the first step to save money on your move. Have all pets and children out of the way when the movers arrive. Also, make sure you have all personal immediate needs items on your person. These items include medicines, chargers and eye-ware. Once the moving team gets started and is in the zone it is hard for them to stop.
  2.  Get Used Boxes to Save Money

    • Grocery stores may be able to provide you with used boxes, but these aren’t always the easiest to pack. It is recommended that you ask around in your circle to see who has recently moved, because they may be able to provide neded boxes.
  3.  Have Items Taken Apart

    • Having items such as beds taken apart upon arrival can greatly speed things along on move day. If you don’t have the time or know-how to complete this before hand, do not worry our professional movers are all equipped with a tool kit to complete the job.
  4. Bundling to Save Money

    • Bundling means to take small items and put them together. For instance if you have ten long handled yard tools tape them together for easy moving in one trip as opposed to ten.
  5. Planning

    • Planning is an important step to a smooth move. Properly labeling moving boxes is a great start. Make sure you have all rooms labeled in the new house so when you are directing the movers from the door you can say, “That dresser goes in this room or that.” Labeling rooms for our professional movers makes the task more efficient.

The Bright Eyed Moving Way

At Bright Eyed Moving, we know just how stressful relocating can be. We strive to do everything within our power to ensure that your move is completed seamlessly. We can move you locally or long distance and even transfer your business. Give us a call! We are the experts you can trust. Our employees are held to a much higher standard than other companies in the industry. When our professionals arrive at your doorstep, they are ready to help you relocate and complete every task required for your move. The characteristics we look for in perspective employees are integrity and a willingness to go above and beyond. You can rest assured your movers will be bright eyed, upstanding individuals who really enjoy what they do.

Get a free moving quote today!