Piano Moving Tips

Piano moving tips and tricks

You’re about to move to your new home and want to take your piano with no professional help. It’s heavy yet delicate, it’s expensive and fragile at the same time and might even hold sentimental value. You also need to think of your and your helpers’ health as lifting heavy things is not a piece of cake. When you take all of this into consideration, you might want to reconsider your bold decision to do it on your own. How about hiring professional movers after all? If not – here are some tips and tricks when it comes to piano moving.

Evaluate the plan and get the manpower you need

The number of people you’ll need depends on the type and size of your piano.

There are two major piano types.

  • Upright pianos are smaller ones with vertical soundboards. It’s the most common type, often found in living rooms or parlors. Small upright pianos usually weigh 300-400 lbs., while big ones range from 500 lbs. up to 800 lbs. The smallest pianos are normally 58 inches long and they reach 3 feet in height. It takes at least four people to move an upright piano.
  • Grand pianos are those with horizontal soundboards. It’s the largest piano type and the most expensive one as well. The grand piano can weigh up to more than 1200 lbs. and concert grand pianos can reach 9 feet in width, but there are some smaller versions (called baby grand pianos) as well. As a grand piano usually needs to be disassembled before moving due to its size and shape and professional piano moving equipment is required, you should definitely consider hiring professional help for this one (check out Capital City Movers NYC if you’re moving from or to the New York area). It takes at least four movers to move a smaller grand piano and at least half a dozen of them when moving a concert grand piano.

Set your priorities straight

Your health comes first

Make sure to invite enough people to move the piano with no risks to anyone’s health. To do that, you need to know how heavy your piano actually is. When you start with the piano moving process, keep in mind that no matter how valuable the instrument is, your health is even more so. So if it’s either or – don’t think twice.

What’s inside of the piano comes second

Unless you only have a piano at home to show off and are never really going to play it, it’s crucial to pay more attention to what’s inside of it. And even if you never play the instrument, you should still make sure it stays in good condition. That way you could possibly sell it later on. A piano is a very delicate instrument and its complex mechanisms (including its hammers, strings, keys, pedals and more) can be easily damaged. So it’s important to understand its weight distribution and to keep its balance while moving it.

The surface only comes third

You obviously don’t want the surface to get scratched or dented, but it just can’t come anywhere close to anyone’s health or to the piano’s ability to produce music. That being said, check for some tips regarding this particular issue down below.

Wear proper clothing and ditch all accessories

Comfortable non-baggy clothes and closed shoes are necessary and accessories-free style even more so. Accessories poise a serious risk when going for piano moving. They could get tangled in the piano, which could lead to serious problems.

Get ready for piano moving

You can’t just pick up your piano and take it to the truck, it doesn’t work that way. Make sure you have a clear strategy before you do anything. You must think of each and every obstacle on the way ahead of time and let the helpers know exactly what to do. Whatever you’re doing or trying to do, communication and synchronization are the key.

You also need some professional gear, just like when you need to protect your furniture. The gear includes heavy-duty furniture straps for easier and safer lifting and carrying and two furniture dollies to roll the piano wherever possible. Don’t ever try to roll a piano on its casters for more than a few inches. The piano’s weight is just not going to be as stable as when furniture dollies are used.

Finally, you need to protect and secure the body of your piano, so use heavy blankets and moving straps to do it. Close the lid and lock it if possible, if not secure it by taping a blanket over it. You’ll need one more blanket to stuff the lid with it for extra protection. Now you’re ready for the very piano moving process.

Piano moving the easiest way

At this point you might be regretting your enthusiastic decision to move your piano yourself. But there you are, no professional movers in sight and you need to move right away.

Keeping the balance of the piano is the first thing to think about (after your and your helpers’ health, of course). This is important in order to minimize chances of any interior damage. One person should be holding onto each side of the piano and one furniture dolly should be placed under each side as well. Then comes the time when you should gently roll the piano to the moving truck. If you need to go up or down for more than a few steps, consider (again!) hiring professional help. If it’s just a bump, then you could do it, but make sure it’s one set of wheels at a time.

Placing a piano inside of the truck

A piano should never be left inside of an empty or half-empty truck. It should be one of the first items to be loaded and then should be surrounded by as many boxes as possible. These are supposed to support the instrument and keep it snug. The last thing you want is that your piano starts moving around the truck during the ride. So think ahead of time of all the items you need to move and make sure to order a truck of the right size. It is critical to secure the piano properly in the truck!

Taking a piano to its new home

It’s not the best idea to roll the piano off the truck only to start thinking where to actually place it – or even worse, to start rolling it around. So you need to know ahead of time where you’re going to keep it.

After all of this is done, you need to call a piano tuner. However, experts say you should wait for a month to do so. If you rush things, you’ll have to do it all over again when the right time comes.

Moving is never easy, especially if there’s a piano involved. Find out what kind of damage you risk if you decide to move your piano with no professional help and make sure to check the cost of moving home before you make up your mind.

Office Relocation Tips

Are you planning on moving your office? You are in the right place! Moving is never easy. And we mean never. But, if you prepare on time, the chances are you will pull it off. So, let’s start preparing for your big office move together! We have prepared 10 top office relocation tips for you, and we believe that if you read our guides carefully – you will move with ease!

Preparation is the key

Moving is harder than it seems. And when you are not moving your household, but your business – things tend to get even harder. Office relocation is much more complex, and the only way to pull it off is by preparing in advance.

There are many tasks that need to be completed before you even think about office relocation. However – good moving strategy will help you immensely. Once you make a plan, and create a timetable – everything will slowly fall in its place. Little things add up fast, and you will be ready before you know it!

Make a good moving strategy

A solid plan means you have taken everything into consideration. Start on time. Get a notebook or download an app that can help you and start form there. Roll up your sleeves, and give it a go. Write down every single detail. And be careful – forgetting isn’t an option when moving office. Why? Forgetting little things is a recipe to making common moving mistakes. And believe us, you want to avoid them at all costs.

Avoid moving mistakes

As we mentioned before, you will want to avoid moving mistakes. They can cost you a lot of time and energy. And we all know that time is money. You don’t want to lose it, for sure. Office relocation must be quick and efficient. That is, if you don’t want to interrupt production. Time is not your friend when moving, but making sudden moves can cost you a lot. One of things that you can do in order to avoid making moving mistakes is hiring commercial moving experts. Why? To make your relocation fast, but mistake free!

Plan your time

Once you make a moving strategy, you should stick to it. Use your calendar and try to complete your tasks one by one. Never postpone any of them. If you do – your office relocation will last much longer than expected. So, once you schedule your time – stick to your plan. Notify your service providers about your move, and cancel services that you won’t use anymore on time.

Plan your finances

Moving an office isn’t cheap, and if you don’t want to spend large amounts of money on it – plan your finances in advance. Calculate your budget. Compare your incomes to your expenses. Calculate how much are you able to spend on your relocation. And – ask yourself – how much are you willing to spend on it? Make these decisions, and start from there.

Include your employees into your office relocation

Trust your people. Rely on them. Set up a meeting, and ask your employees to come. Be nice – you are asking for their help. You should listen to your employees – they can help you see things from another perspective. And – maybe you will get better ideas about your office relocation once you see things from another point of view.

Assign tasks to your employees

Every single person in your office should be a part of your relocation project. That is the main reason why every individual should get a task assigned to them. Even smallest things matter. So – ask for some help, and your employees won’t disappoint you.

Let manager handle everything for you

Let managers and department heads handle everything for you. You will need all the time you can get, and letting managers deal with smaller tasks will give you some. Ask for their opinions, include them in your decision making process and rely on them. Believe your people, and they will provide. And – don’t be surprised!

Consider letting professionals handle your office relocation

Moving an office is complicated. And the bigger the office, the more complex things will get. And the only people who can help you with this are moving experts.  But, if you decide to look for professional movers in other places, make sure you know what you are doing. Hiring wrong people can make you big problems. Such as losing your belongings or getting scammed. The only way to prevent this from ever happening is by hiring people you know you can trust.

Makings of a reliable commercial mover

Every professional moving company is properly licensed and insured. If it is not – look for another one. There are many moving companies on the market, and you shouldn’t settle with the one that doesn’t meet your standards. And you should never lower them – for anybody. If you try hard enough, you will find the one that satisfies your criteria.

This was our quick guide for office relocation, and we believe that if you follow our easy steps – you will move with ease. And even more importantly – fast. Business waits for no man, and you should use every tool at your disposal to make your transition fast. You don’t want your clients and your employees to feel any difference, and you should do everything that is in your power to make your office relocation efficient. Time is money, and we suggest you save yours!

Guest Post courtesy of High Level Movers Toronto. If you are searching for office movers in Toronto and surrounding area, call High Level Movers!

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