Storage Tips & Tricks

Long-Term Storage Tips & Tricks

Moving items into long-term storage isn’t always ideal espically when you now have to live out of boxes. Long-term storage can be a hassle if it isn’t packed and loaded properly to make having things in storage much easier on yourself. If your household items have to go into long-term storage check out these tips and tricks we have learned in the industry to ensure there is a smooth process and less damage happens while items are in storage.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and garbage bags are good for packing if you are moving that day. These are not ideal for long-term storage. They can rip easily and will not hold up long-term in a storage area. Plastic bags and garbage bags are a great place for bugs and insects to hide as well. This doesn’t do well for you when items are in storage for a while. Keeping these bags out of storage is best for everyone. 


No one wants to spend money on boxes when you are moving, but they are important. Spending money on sturdy boxes can make the difference with items are in storage for a long time. Sturdy boxes will hold up in case something moves around while in storage and for multiple transportation trips. Cheap boxes can fall apart and rip easy even if packed lightly. 

Fragile Items

When there are a lot of fragile items that are being brought to storage wrap and pack these items very well. Again, using sturdy boxes and good packing paper can make the difference from the precious heirloom breaking. Spending a little extra time and care when packing these items can make the difference when moving from home to storage and back home again. Good packing supplies will hold up during a lot of different transitions.

Appliance Storage

When appliances are in storage for a long time mold can arise if these appliances are not properly cleaned and disinfected. Before packing your appliances for storage give all the appliances a deep cleaning. The last thing you want when finally moving items out of storage is to have to deal with a gross appliance or worse even, having to buy new household appliances

Travel & Storage Insurance


Everyone might think that travel and storage insurance isn’t necessary but you never know what might happen if where your items are stored suffers a catastrophic event. This insurance will help protect your items from the start of your move into storage all the way into your new home. 

Select A Good Moving Company

Lastly moving into storage isn’t easy to do on your own. Find a reputable moving company that is able to assist with packing your storage unit or POD to ensure that you are getting the best-packed storage possible. They are professionals for a reason and trying to pack a storage unit correctly will take a lot of time and without experience can lead to issues if items shift or move around.


Having an idea of the best way storage is able to be packed is important. Looking at key tips and tricks can help save you money in the long run. Long-term storage takes thought, care, and planning to ensure the safety of all belonging while in storage. Here at Bright Eyed Moving, we offer full service to include your moving and storage needs!

What Not To Pack First When Moving

What Not To Pack First When Moving

Certain items that shouldn’t be packed first when moving. Some of these items include valuables, medications, explosives, flowers/plants or flammable items. These items should have special care when moving and most moving companies will not move some of these items. Double-check with your moving company to make sure all items below can be moved and if there are any special circumstances or forms that need to be added to move specific items. 


When it comes to packing and maintaining a location of valuable items. It is best to keep this box somewhere where you will know where it is but away from other items or boxes that are being moved by a moving company. The easiest way to make sure these are not lost or stolen is to have them in your possession.


Items that include gasoline, aerosol cans, and paints should not be moved. This is hazardous and incase of an accident this can be a huge issue. If these items are no longer needed or used, ask or google a good place to dispose of these items.

Food/Perishable Items

Not everyone wants to move all the food items that have been in the house. If there are items that you know will not get eaten donate them. Move For Hunger is a great organization that will take and disperse the food. Moving Ahead Services partners with Move For Hunger for all moves to donate any unwanted food. 

Flowers/PlantsWhat not to pack first

Most flowers and plants are unable to be moved across state lines by moving companies. The best plan is that plants are moved locally by the owners so the plants are safe from point A to point B. Always ask in advance, some companies will move them, but make sure they are not without sunlight and water too long. 


All medications are important, save these for last for packing. If they are medications that are taken daily, keep them with you. Make sure to update your information with the pharmacy and transfer it to a closer location if necessary. This way if you need something important, the information will be available right away.